Increasing environmental problems in parallel with the development of science and technology have threatened the lives of mankind and other living creatures. Some of those problems such as climate change and global warming seem to have potential to effect radically the lives in the long run.  Legal regulations at national and international scale have also begun to be made as a result of these undesirable situations.  In fact, developments in the field of human rights have contributed to initiatives which aim at recognizing the environmental rights as human rights. Environmental law developed in the name of struggling environmental problems has also gained a place in legal systems. In addition to the development of environmental law, many concepts like “environmental impact assessment”, which brings legal limitations to activities that may be harmful to the environment, “sustainability”, which aims at maintaining the production by minimizing the damage and “environmental justice”, which   relates to fair distribution environmental cost and benefits have been generated. Consequently, many national, regional and international jurisdictions have contributed to the development of environmental law and the protection of the environment by developing case law on the environment.

The 2st International Congress on Environmental Law and Environmental Issues organised by  E-Journal of Law will be held on January 20, 2020 in Paris/France. The Congress will bring academics, environmentalists, lawyers and other practitioners from different countries who would like to make contributions to the field.

This year’s theme for the congress will be “Climate Change“.